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Professional photographer

Alex has been working as a photographer in the Dolomites/South Tyrol for more than 10 years and specialized in tourism photography. His focus is on capturing real lifetime moments rather than perfect situations. / Phone: +39 339 7399300

P.I./VAT 02766580217


Backoffice, marketing and photo assistance

As digital marketer with a career in tourism, Elena pulls the strings in the background. She is responsible for the shooting organization and ensures a calm and pleasant atmosphere on set.

Some references: ADAC, AlpiNN, Alta Badia Brand, Aman Hotels, Castlunger Homes, Chalet Lefiro, Chalet Lum d'Or, Chalet Pescosta, CMP, Relais & Spa Hotel Granvara, IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige, Isifer, Kolfuschgerhof, Hotel Lagació, Hotel La Majun, Miele, Norbert Niederkofler, Plana Ladina, Pompadour, Relais Mont Blanc, Roadbike Holidays, Salewa, San Vigilio Dolomites, Tecnica-Blizzard, Tourismusregion Wels, Hotel Rosa Alpina, Slowli, Trentino Marketing

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