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The nature around you
by Norbert Niederkofler

Not a simple cooking book. Not a simple photography book either. "Cook the mountain" summarizes the philosophy of appreciating nature and living in it in a sustainable, regional and seasonal way, following the steps of our ancestors.


Norbert Niederkofler has dedicated his life and work to South Tyrol's culture and cuisine.

He translates the beauty and vivid character of the mountains into his dishes at St. Hubertus, the only Michelin 3-starred restaurant with completely regional cuisine.

Niederkofler's philosophy, summarized as "Cook the Mountain," is to choose local and seasonal ingredients only after talking to the producers and growers in person and to honor the ingredients by keeping food waste to a minimum.

I felt really honored when he asked me to take care of the photographic part of the book.

The challenge was not only to illustrate stunning ingredients and food creations and reveal the unspoiled landscapes of the Alps, but also to depict the agricultural and architectural changes humans have made in the past millennia. Thanks to Norbert and his sous-chef Michele Lazzarini, I've had the chance to meet and portrait the incredible people and producers they work with,

and to learn a lot about the mountain I'm living in myself.

"Cook the mountain" is divided into the four seasons that mark the rhythm of mountain life: